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FlowCon introduces FlowCon DN200-250

In the early 1990’s FlowCon International introduced the world’s first PICV - the SM valve. The FlowCon SM valve - and PICV´s in general - have heavily impacted the HVAC industry and become known for the superior functionality and durability.
It is therefore with great pride that FlowCon International introduces the SM.6 valve available up to DN250.

The SM.6 is built on the well proven technology of the SM range of valves, which have been in service for more than 25 years. As the remaining valves in the SM family SM.6 valve is manufactured with the spring loaded rolling diaphragm, that is providing extremely accurate valves in a compact design and utilizes the unique specially developed programmable actuator.

The combination of above leads to an incredible compact valve with its 248 kg for a DN250 including actuator which is very useful in limited tight spaces, available in today’s HVAC installations.

The setup of the valve is extremely simple, with its intuitive display type and programmable actuator. The installation and setup of the valve can be conducted without any special tools. Just follow the installation menu on the actuator, configuring the valve to the specific requirement, and the SM valve will take care of the rest.


FlowCon SM offers:

  • Minimum operating pressure of only 35 kPaD, providing minimal energy consumption.
  • Fast and accurate flow control within ±5% accuracy.
  • Actuators can be supplied with BACnet solutions.
  • Standard pressure rating of 4000 kPa/580 psi.
  • IP54 rated actuator is suitable for 360° mount.
  • The valve regulate over 3600° and is therefore providing accurate response to any control signal.
  • Variety of feedback options, including error codes for maintenance purpose.
  • Multi flange connections.

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