FlowCon is finalist in the SDG Tech Awards 2021

FlowCon has reached top 5 in the category BEST COMPANY and we are really proud.

Ms. Sophia Christo, Head of Events at Sustainary.org, has commented:
"Thanks to your impressive sustainable tech, our jury panel has determined FlowCon International ApS to be one of 5 finalists in the Best Company award category of the SDG Tech Awards 2021! There were over 600 nominees with inspiring solutions, so you can be proud that your hard work and efforts are being recognized from among hundreds of other inspiring solutions."

This proves to us that the path is - and always has been - right. It underlines our business focus to save energy and if motivates us to go further with our ‘green’ work. It continues to be our everyday commitment to supply energy efficient solutions to the HVAC industry and thereby helping to reduce buildings' carbon footprint around the globe. To us, this is common sense.

Wish us good luck at the Award Show on November 10th 2021 🍀 🍀 🍀

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