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FlowCon releases the full range of FlowCon FIT

The FlowCon Energy FIT includes smaller sizes and now the range cover DN15-250 (1/2”-10”) and max. flow from 0.176-76.8 l/sec (2.78-1220 GPM).
The FlowCon Energy FIT System is the world’s first pressure independent temperature valve with built-in BTU meter.

The FlowCon FIT is based on FlowCon’s original and revolutionary PICV, the SM-valve. No matter which size SM-valve You choose, the actuator is the same, which as standard is FlowCon’s BACnet controlled state-of-the-art display actuator. Programming is done either directly on actuator arrow keys or remote via BACnet.

With any FlowCon FIT solution You will get a fully pressure independent and easy-to-use adjustable control with 100% authority appropriate for any heating or cooling application where flow and BTU monitoring and accurate ΔT control are musts.

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