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FlowCon releases Insulation Shells
- Installation made even easier

When valves operate with media temperatures different than ambient temperatures, energy will transfer between the pipes and the surrounding air. In situations where the water temperature is lower than the ambient air temperature, there is additional risk of water vapour to condense on the valve’s surface with multiple negative consequences. Therefore from a financial and performance point of view it is important to ensure proper insulation of the full piping system, including valves.

The FlowCon insulation shell portfolio suits a variety of products, which can be used in combination with individual components as well as modules, if required.


The FlowCon insulation range covers individual components as follows:

  • FlowCon IA for FlowCon A (15-25 mm) including regulating insert or strainer including drain valve.
  • FlowCon IAB for FlowCon AB (15-25 mm) including regulating insert or strainer including drain valve, both including p/t plugs.
  • FlowCon IEVC for FlowCon EVC including regulating insert, p/t plugs and actuator.
  • FlowCon IEVS for FlowCon EVS (in A or AB body, 15-25 mm) including stainless steel cartridge, p/t plugs and actuator.
  • FlowCon IGreen for FlowCon Green (A or AB body, 15-25 mm) including Green, p/t plugs and actuator.
  • FlowCon IF3890 for FlowCon 4-union standard size by-pass.

The flexible design of the insulation shells will allow insulation of a full FlowCon by-pass module, which consists of 4-union by-pass unit and for example, strainer in AB body and FlowCon Green, by combining the various insulation shells.


Benefits of FlowCon insulation shells are many, as the insulation shells:

  • Will reject condensation and prevent corrosion amongst other.
  • Secure energy saving.
  • Are easily fitted and removed (if necessary).
  • Require less pre-installation work.
  • Will minimized site installation costs.
  • Fit FlowCon valve bodies with option of all regulating FlowCon inserts: Green, E-JUST, composite or stainless steel.
  • Easy and seperate access to p/t plugs for measuring purposes.

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